Interactive media delivery platform giving a voice to your customers


Convert foot traffic into sales by merging traditional retail with e-commerce benefits such as personalized content and reliable analytics

Real Estate

Landlords & brokers are given a means to monetize vacant storefronts with advertising revenue while collecting valuable data


Outernets offer advertisers cutting edge technology tools to create an Interactive-Out-of-Home (IOOH) advertising network with targeted content, campaign metrics and measurable ROI

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integrating virtual experiences with the real world

Using machine learning and computer vision, Outernets provides businesses with the technology tools to increase foot traffic, drive sales, and improve the bottom line all while building brand loyalty and creating a positive interactive experience.


Targeted advertising

Change content based on viewer demographics and factors such as weather, time of day, or even emotions.


Create, schedule, and manage content across your network of displays directly from our proprietary CMS.

interactive experiences

Don’t just advertise - engage people with your brand using immersive and mobile-integrated experiences: augmented reality, games, and window shopping - literally.

detailed analytics

Aggregate actionable insights into foot traffic, conversion rates, and ad engagement.

custom displays

Transform your space from the inside-out. Use your existing display, or use one of our customized solutions.

creative services

Work with our Experience Managers to develop unique content, manage your displays in real time, and analyze your performance.


from a monologue to a dialogue

Outernets is a technology company dedicated to re-imagining the physical world with groundbreaking virtual experiences. Our solution gives brick-and-mortar a distinct edge over their online counterparts, turning your brand’s message from a monologue into a dialogue.

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