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about outernets

Comprised of artists, scientists and engineers, we’re an NYC based multidisciplinary tech company set out to create a seamless integration of digital and physical spaces.

Physical Gets Digital

We convert static walls, glass and displays into interactive, customizable digital experiences. We integrate physical spaces with online tools, metrics and mobile devices to create unique experiences you can track and measure for efficacy.

We’re the only boundless platform to solve retail problems with creative applications of interactive content tailored to each consumer, while giving retailers data to observe engagement, learn about their audience, and make continuous improvements.

Outernets Inc. began with a question: Could the personalization of online shopping be replicated in the physical world? Outernets’ machine learning and computer vision solution focus on two key areas: targeted advertising and interactive experiences.

Using facial tracking, gesture recognition, and mobile integration, our platform enables interactive experiences that drive engagement and activation. Play games. Swap faces. Try on clothes. All standing in front of your display.

One of the most valuable components of the digital toolkit is targeted advertising. Outernets brings this to physical spaces with actionable data analytics and ROI. Our system allows you the flexibility of virtual ads in a physical space: with the Outernets platform, serve dynamic ads based on demographic and other relevant information (like the weather or time of day) so you can show the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

the founders

Omer and Tal Golan are internationally renowned multimedia artists with backgrounds in new media art and technology. They started Outernets to combine their passion for the power of interactive multimedia with the human experience.


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This is the future for restaurant advertising. If it wasn’t for Outernets, I don’t know what I would have done.

— Paul Goodman, McDonald’s franchisee, 30 years & 12 locations

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