VICE Features Cofounders Omer and Tal Golan

VICE calls Omer and Tal Golan (OMTA) “one of the most interesting artists experimenting with new media” and “at the forefront of new media art” in a feature on their experiences, art, and work with Google and Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Read the full article, After Surviving a Suicide Bomb, Israeli Artists OMTA Turned Shrapnel Into Art, on cofounders Omer and Tal Golan.

“They stand at the forefront of new media art: art that engages the viewer through a variety of digital technologies. With a Google collaboration and a commission from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art under their belt, OMTA are creating some of the most innovative art to come out of Israel.” -VICE

Written by Batya Ungar-Sargon, March 2015