Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outernets?

Outernets is a disruptive OOH digital media company with a proprietary cloud-based (patent-pending) technology, that enhances any OOH site with client controlled messaging and creative format flexibility, together with real-time audience data-driven ad campaign ROI analysis. The Outernets platform uniquely allows client determined ad schedules, budgets, and target locations to match specific “brand development” needs. Our new technology is based on machine learning and the latest in computer vision viewer audience targeting enabling a brand or service advertiser to measure campaign effectiveness and efficiency, daily from a client customized Outernets campaign dashboard. Outernets offers scalable, audience relevant and data-driven interactive experiences ranging from W/E-commerce (real-life window shopping), purchase directed gaming, to Augmented Reality and more!

What does Outernets offer?

Retailers can use our “white label” model to promote their own brand. They own 100% of the hardware and license our software. Advertisers can take advantage of the ONLY media platform with infinite, yet client controlled network inventory and location targeting. Advertisements are purchased based on 12.5% share of voice for a minimum of one month. Landlords can monetize their vacancies with our “ad supported” model, while also advertising for their own properties and use the data we collect to lease and sell faster than ever.

Where are your screens located?

Outernets is the ONLY Interactive Out-Of-Home media platform with infinite, yet client controlled network inventory and location targeting. Equally important, if Outernets today doesn’t cover a DMA, zip code or even street(s) critical to your business development needs, tell us and we can cost-effectively deploy any number of units to meet your messaging and sales needs.

What separates Outernets from its competitors?

We utilize computer vision and machine learning to identify specific information about the viewer (such as age, gender, amount of viewers, or if you’re happy or sad), and change the content of the display to reflect the most appropriate content. We also have a wealth of features including augmented reality, mobile integration, gesture detection, filters, and more. If you dream it, we can create it.

But what is computer vision and machine learning?

Machine learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Computer vision is software that has been trained, typically through machine learning, to understand what it is “seeing” in pictures or video. Computer vision allows us to recognize people, places, objects, etc.!

What is OnPlatform?

OnPlatform is our proprietary cloud-based Content Management System. We built it from the ground-up, and it’s where you can upload/create, change, and schedule your content to display in real time. We’ve also included unique analytics that are only available on the OnPlatform and tailored to your advertisement. Real time analytics of your display’s performance gives you actionable data, measurable ROI, and peace of mind.

What kind of display solutions does Outernets offer?

We have a wide range of display offerings: Laser projection that can utilize custom shapes and sizes (as well as display up to 4 unique content areas), high-brightness LCDs, LED video walls, and in-store kiosks.We can also connect with existing display solutions. Outernets will work with your business to find the best display solution and improve your physical space from the inside-out.

How do we create content for your platform?

There are 3 ways to create beautiful content for our platform. 1. We can make it for you. We have incredible artists interaction designers, and creative technologists that can create custom content and differentiate any brand. 2. Create your own content using our Creator’s API to develop responsive, interactive content. 3. The fastest way - personalize our interactive templates directly from our marketplace.

What happens when there are multiple people standing in front of the screen?

The system’s default setting is to display content by first come, first serve. You can also choose to average out the group demographics and play content based on the group averages.