Does Outernets make content for its clients or does each client have to provide the platform with its own content?

Because we at Outernets believe that our technology can benefit every type of business - from SMBs to real estate brokers to major retailers and everything in between - we offer the full range of creative solutions to ensure each client has engaging, dynamic experiences that improve brand image and bottom-line sales.

What separates Outernets from its competitors?

We utilize computer vision and machine learning to identify specific information about the viewer (such as age, gender, or if you’re happy or sad), and change the content of the display to reflect the most appropriate content.

But what is computer vision and machine learning?

Machine learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Computer vision is software that has been trained, typically through machine learning, to understand what it is “seeing” in pictures or video. Computer vision allows us to recognize people, places, objects, etc.!

What is the OnPlatform and how can it help my business?

The OnPlatform is our proprietary cloud-based CMS platform. We built it from the ground-up, and it’s where you can upload/create, change, and schedule your content to display 24/7. We’ve also included unique analytics that are only available on the OnPlatform. Real-time data analysis of your display’s performance gives you actionable data, measureable ROI, and peace of mind.

What kind of display solutions does Outernets offer?

We have a wide range of display offerings: Laser projection that can utilize custom shapes and sizes (as well as display up to 4 unique content areas), high-brightness LCDs, LED video walls, and in-store kiosks. Outernets will work with your business to find the best display solution and improve your physical space from the inside-out.