Digital Retail

Outernets’ Digital Retail™

Imagine you have a 5th avenue store, and that you don’t need to pay rent, insurance, staffing, buildup, or even keep any inventory on location. Imagine that you’re getting millions of eyeballs that experience your brand with the most playful, emotional, impactful, and conversational way possible. 

We propose Outernets’ Digital Retail™ platform –  we create new Digital Retail stores that bridge the offline/online gap and offer an exciting omnichannel experience.  This will be your first step before getting your own physical store, to see how audience in different locations responds to your brand.

By opening Digital Retail locations, you will collect more of the missed revenues from impulse shopping, and, increase traction to your online store at the same time!

Customer-centric omni channel platform

How Does It Work?

The display offers passersby products that are relevant to them in a fun,  novel and exciting way. They use their hands, smiles, and entire body to shop, play and engage with your brand. then they check out via your e-com shopping cart using their phones. 

stores will be…​

Making your customers happier by empowering them to assert control on the display with the body and hand gestures, facial expressions, and mobiles

Collect data on shopper’s preferences, engagement and motivation, and respond to that data in real time

Proactively initiating engagements with shoppers

Offering products and incentives based on the given situation in real time. For example, the system can make different offer based on customer location, destination, demographics, number of people engaged, etc. (when the display recognized a couple, we can offer “buy 1 get 1” deal, or offer family related items when we see a family.

Completely independent (will not need human assistance)

Protect shoppers privacy offline (our platform is compliant with all privacy laws)

Using behavioral economy principles to gamify shopper’s experience and excite them

Get noticed with attractive experiences backed by data you can track for efficacy and improvement.

Easily Calculate You Customer Acquisition Cost And ROI

Ultimate Promotional Agility increase opportunities for publicity & marketing, while being super flexible in content & presentation

Unique Business Advantages

Be social

Optimize real traffic to your online store

Actual Window Shopping

connect with people with a scalable one-to-one conversational platform

Open for business 24/7/365

Proactively initiate engagements

Present in HD to highlight the beauty of the product

Cut costs from fraudulence, bot infested online marketing

Allow for product comparison

We create new opportunities to engage shoppers and capture data by analysing real-time video to produce insights about their behavior and increase conversions.

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