Outernets converts storefront windows and displays, into smart, interactive, digital displays and create AI based technology that powers them. It is a performance-driven Drive-To-Store and Drive-To-Engage platform that creates new opportunities to engage consumers, capture data, and increase emotional bond and conversion. We use AI and ML to analyze real-time video feed to produce insights about consumers’ behavior, locate the best performing creative, and at the same time serve targeted interactive experiences and gamification. Our platform offers our clientele promotional agility, scalable, exciting ways to communicate with, and to engage customers, and perform unbiased consumer research.
Our scalable content applications enable our clients to create steady improvement to their

* customer acquisition

* customer experience

* growth hacking    

* shopper marketing        

* brand awareness

* in-store communication

* consumer research

* content marketing

Promotional agility

Outernets displays fresh, personalized and contextualized interactive content at any location, display solution or surface, providing a new channel for passers-by to engage with brands and advertisers.

Physical engagement lasts longer

Our platform enables any display to become interactive via hand gestures, facial expressions, and an app-less mobile integration. We are able to integrate with nearly any 3rd party tech software or hardware (RFID, NFC, Beacons, etc).